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United by our passion for trading,
driven by the power of community.

Trader PropFirm

propfirm propfirms apex trader bulenox promo

United by our passion for trading,
driven by the power of community.


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Discover the latest propfirm promotions validated by our community of over 4000 members.


The best PropFirm

We offer a summary of the advantages, disadvantages and rules of each PropFirm, as well as essential information on the main futures trading platforms.


More than 4000 members

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Special offers

Apex Funding

  • Transparent and unconstrained evaluation : Apex Trader Funding Inc. offers a one-week valuation, providing traders with a clear opportunity without scaling requirements.

  • Maximum freedom to negotiate : Traders enjoy great flexibility in choosing and implementing their preferred strategy, thanks to a simplified evaluation process.

  • Attractive remuneration: Pay-for-performance accounts offer competitive compensation, with the opportunity to earn 100% of the first $25,000 profit, followed by a 90% payout rate.

  • Fast and efficient assistance: The Apex Trader Funding Inc. support team is accessible online via chat and help desk, ensuring prompt responses to resolve user concerns.

  • Global Accessibility and Practical Licenses : Available worldwide, Apex Trader Funding Inc. offers free Ninja licenses, making it easy to get started. With competitive reset fees, it attracts an international audience.

-80% LIFETIME Fin le 31 juillet



Phidias PropFirm

 Account flexibility : Phidias Propfirm offers a range of accounts to suit different trading styles, including swing traders, with the ability to hold overnight and over-week positions, allowing traders to succeed according to their preferences.

Transparency : Our commitment to transparency is reflected in detailed reports on our traders' performance, enabling them to track their progress and make informed decisions.

Dedicated support : Phidias Propfirm provides dedicated support to its traders, helping them to navigate the world of trading and overcome the challenges encountered in the market.

Rigorous risk management : During the evaluation phase, Phidias Propfirm carefully monitors traders' performance and applies risk management mechanisms, such as authorized drawdown and trailing end of day, to protect traders' capital while offering them an opportunity for growth.

Commitment to the community : Phidias Propfirm is committed to creating a thriving community of traders by offering fair opportunities and ongoing support to its members, whether they are experienced or emerging traders.




Code spécial Découverte valable jusqu’au 1er juillet. Pour les premiers utilisateurs : 70 % de réduction sur un compte maximum par utilisateur, valable uniquement le premier mois. Les prix normaux s’appliqueront les mois suivants. Offre uniquement valable pour les nouveaux utilisateurs, les utilisateurs déjà clients de Phidias Propfirm avec un compte existant ne peuvent pas bénéficier de l’offre spéciale de découverte.



-83% lifetime jusqu’au 31 juillet, compte 25K et plus




1.Various account sizes : Bulenox offers trading accounts from $10,000 to $250,000, with a tailored pricing structure for the first month and discounts for consecutive months.

2.Flexible account options : Traders can choose between two account options - no laddering with a trailing drawdown, or laddering with an end-of-day (EOD) drawdown.

3.Withdrawal policy and distribution of profits : The first $10,000 of profits are retained 100% by the trader, then a 90/10 profit split is applied. Withdrawals are processed weekly, with the possibility of withdrawal after 10 trading days.


49$ au lieu 168$ pour le 50K, 99$ au lieu de 325 pour le 100K et 149$ au lieu de 375$ pour le 150k sur le lien TPF à droite




1.Valuation and Pricing : Topstep offers different account sizes for valuations, ranging from $50,000 to $150,000, with profit targets of $3,000 to $9,000 and maximum loss limits of $2,000 to $4,500. Profits are shared 100% up to an initial profit of $10,000, after which the split becomes 90/10.

2.Platforms and Software : Traders can use a variety of trading platforms, including TSTrader (Tradovate), NinjaTrader and Tradingview. The choice of platform determines the tools and functionalities available.

3.Valuation rules : Valuation is now carried out in a single step, with an emphasis on consistency, where no single trading day can generate more than 50% of total profits. The maximum loss limit is calculated at the end of the day.


1.Evaluation programs : Earn2Trade offers programs such as Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path, requiring trading for a minimum of 15 days, with strict rules on daily losses and EOD drawdown.

2.Account options : Traders can choose from different account sizes, with varying profit targets and loss limits. For example, the TCP50 has a profit target of $3,000 with an EOD drawdown of $2,000.

3.Advancement and Commissions : After passing the assessment, traders can progress to larger accounts and benefit from favorable commission structures, with a standard 80/20 profit split.


Earn2Trade -50%

Fin juillet

100K à -60% = 140$

(valable uniquement sur le lien à gauche


Pas de coupon


– 45% OFF fin le 31 juillet




1.General Trading Rules : TickTickTrader provides the capital. There is no minimum number of trading days required to pass the evaluation. Licenses for NinjaTrader, Jigsaw Daytradr, and Bookmap are provided free of charge.

2.Trading Terms : Profit targets and drawdown limits vary according to account size, from $25,000 to $100,000. There are no trading restrictions during economic announcements or holidays, and drawdown is calculated at the end of the day.

3.Financing Programs : There are three program levels - Starter at $25,000, Advanced at $50,000, and Pro at $100,000 - each with its own profit target and daily drawdown limit.

4.Withdrawal conditions : Traders can withdraw 100% of profits up to $10,000. After that, a 90/10 profit split is applied. Withdrawal requests are processed monthly and payments are executed via PayPal or Crypto.

Funded Futures Network

1.Account Size Selection and Evaluation Process : Traders choose their account size, pay a monthly subscription fee and go through an assessment. If they pass, they get a funded account, with the option to reset for $100 if they break the rules.

2.Strict Trading Rules : Clear rules govern trading, including daily loss limits and drawdown rules. Traders must abide by these rules to keep their account funded.

3.Withdrawals and Account Funded-Pro : Traders can withdraw funds starting at $1,000, with no maximum withdrawal amount, as long as they meet the minimum account threshold on their Funded-Pro account.

4.Fees and Account Setup : An initial account set-up fee of $120 is applied, and the funded account is typically set up in 3-7 business days. FFN offers flexible trading and withdrawal options for traders.


-35% le 1er mois sur le lien du site officiel à droite




25k: 109$ : TWEENTY24

50K: 151$: TWEENTY24

100K: 232$: TWEENTY24

offre juillet

✅ Partage des profits 90/10 % (nouveau)

✅ Remboursement de 100 % de l’évaluation chez le courtier**

✅ Paiements quotidiens (Lun-Ven)

✅ Pas de règle de cohérence pour les comptes financés

✅ Pas de nombre minimum de jours financés avant le paiement

✅ Comptes de courtage en direct




1.Diversified Evaluation Programs : 25K, 50K and 100K accounts with specific profit targets and drawdown rules for each account size, including daily loss limits and trading consistency rules.

2.Flexible Trading Terms : Allows a maximum number of mini and micro contracts, with a minimum trading duration of 8 days and a consistency rule limiting daily profits to 30% of the total target.

3.Drawdown and loss management : Introduce strict drawdown monitoring rules and daily loss limits, varying according to account size, to encourage trading discipline.

4.Platform Options and Fees : Provides free access to NinjaTrader and other platforms with paid options, as well as specific fees for mini and micro contract evaluations.

5.Post-Evaluation Rules and Conditions : After successful evaluation, a processing fee is applied for account set-up, with funded drawdown rules and flexible options for withdrawals and pricing.

Take Profit Trader

1.Simplified processes and flexibility : TPT propose un processus d’évaluation en une seule étape, offrant des tailles de compte variées avec des objectifs de profit spécifiques et la possibilité de réinitialiser le compte jusqu’à trois fois en cas de violation des règles une fois financé.

2.Trading Options and Rules : Traders have access to several trading software packages, including NinjaTrader and Tradovate with a free license, and can manage up to three Pro and Pro+ accounts. Strict consistency rules limit daily profits, and the use of trading robots is prohibited.

3.Fees and withdrawals : TPT is distinguished by relatively low fixed activation fees and an 80/20 profit split. Withdrawals are instant, with no waiting period, reinforcing their commitment to transparency and improved customer service in the trading industry.


-40% lifetime + frais d’activation (passage PA) GRATUIT tous les mois






1.Variety of Accounts and Profit Objectives : Offers a range of accounts from $25K to $300K with specific profit targets and drawdown rules, and includes options like Leeloo Express and Glide for diversity in futures trading.

2.Trading Rules and Criteria : Requires a minimum of 10 trading days for evaluation, with moderate reset fees, management of up to 6 accounts, and provides a free NinjaTrader license.

3.Benefits and flexibility : Offers extended trailing drawdown limits, trading during economic announcements, attractive profit sharing of up to 100% of the first $12,500, and includes market data fees in the subscription.

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